Terms and conditions

The client using this websites agrees to the following terms and conditions.


The client purchases a custom written paper, whether in the form of an essay, dissertation, research paper, case study, and others for personal use. The freelance writers engaged by the company, at a fee, transfers the ownership, copyrights and other rights once the client makes payment for an order.


The papers done by our writers are original and non-plagiarized. These custom papers are meant for personal use only, and not to be submitted for marking or attainment of an academic grade without appropriate referencing. Thus, the client agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold the company harmless from any form of unauthorized use content provided by the service in the event that the products purchased are put to any other use, other than for personal use only.


The company reserves the right to cancel any form of contract, arrangement or agreement that associates plagiarism with the services provided. The client agrees not to distribute, publish, or modify for other purposes such as payment, to other individuals or organizations, any product purchased from our service. Lustrousessays.com reserves the right to decline any existing or future engagements with a client who knowingly supports or commits plagiarism, dishonesty or academic fraud. The company will not be held responsible for all forms of illegal, unethical, inappropriate and wrongful use of the whole or parts of essays sold to the client. Such actions include plagiarism, poor grading, academic probation, expulsion, suspension, failure, loss of (prizes/ titles/ scholarship/ positions/ awards), legal actions or any other disciplinary action an academic organization many deem actionable against the client.


The lustrousessays.com does not disclose, retain, publish, display, distribute, or any other use of the information contained in the custom essay paper that has been written purposely for the client. The company does not disclose the personal data of the client. The Company does not distribute or aggregate the data clients provide when purchasing a custom written papers to other clients (individuals or firms).


Since the payment is made through third-party firms, the Company does not provide or retain the payment and billing information that client makes while using the services provided by the lustrousessays.com Company.


In a case where the custom paper fails to meet the customer instructions, the lustrousessays.com writers will adjust it so that it attains the scope of the initial guidelines.


The policy may become void the moment a client participates in criminal activities that trigger us to disclose his or her information through court order.


Upon the submission of a task as well as the payment, the client is presumed to have understood and agreed with the above terms and conditions above as well as the following clauses.

  • The information attained from the custom written papers should be cited in the appropriate manner.
  • The custom written papers are examples of research and references and thus they should serve the purpose of acquiring information on the manner in which papers are written and formatted as per standard citation styles such as Chicago, Turabian, Vancouver, Law Citation, MLA, APA and Harvard.
  • The custom written papers are purchased from freelance writers who then transfer the ownership and copyright claims to the Company.
  • The use of the website by a client implies that the client agrees to pay for the effort and time used in correcting, gathering, organizing, positing, editing, delivering as well as administrating, controlling, maintaining and advertising the services via education access services.
  • The Company forbids the reproduction, distribution, transmission, modification, publication, display, as well as the exploitation of the custom written essays or the creation of derivative works from the contents of the customer essay without prior consent from the lustrousessays.com Company.
  • The client’s use of the service means that the client has agreed to destroy the product delivered shortly after his or her research is complete.


The client agrees NOT to hold the lustrousessays.com Company and its stakeholders (officers, shareholders, agents, directors, representative, fulfillment agencies, advertising agencies, subsidiaries and affiliates) responsible for any damages, losses, claims, actions, rights, and other actions that related to custom written papers, and not limited to:

  • Software and hardware, telephone, internet, network, email, computer and electronic failures and malfunctions,
  • Incomplete, failed, delayed, or corrupted computer transmission,
  • All conditions that render events past the Lustrous essays Company’s control, which results into the delay, corruption and disruption of the service offered,
  • All injuries damages and losses relating to the use of the service,
  • All forms of typographical errors and printing mistakes.


The terms and conditions of the Company change from time to time. These changes will be reflected immediately in this section, and it is recommended for clients to review these terms and condition frequently.