Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What variety of custom writing services are offered?

We have a whole cocktail of custom writing services that we offer, suited to fit every academic need. For students in high school, college, or university, we offer a series of traditional custom writings such as term papers, research papers, thesis, dissertations, essays, lab reports, book reports, and others. For the professionals, we can assist with business reports, business proposals, field study reports, marketing reports and many others. For those seeking to join college/university or employment opportunities, we can write custom admission papers such as admission essays, curriculum vitae, job application letters and scholarship essays. For any other form of academic or professional writing, please contact us and we will see how we can help.

Are the custom writing services confidential?

Completely! Our number one concern at is that you feel safe and secure anytime you order a custom project with us. This is the principle reason why we will guard your personal details like a radioactive fort Knox.  We ask for minimal information that can identify you personally. Although we will ask you to provide personal details such as your phone number and email address this is so that our customer care representatives can easily communicate with you during the sessions of engagements with us. No third parties will ever access your information unless we are compelled to do by the law. Again, you make payment using Pay Pal, a secure service that will never share your information with anybody else.  We have hosted the website on a secure server meaning that the information you provide is guarded well with no risk of disclosure.  Feel confident that your information is safe with us.

What Factors Determine the Price I Pay?

Four factors determine the price to be paid for any order you make with us; that is,

  1. The academic level
  1. The type of service
  2. The deadline you pick, and,
  3. Type of paper.

To expound on this: When you have not started on an assignment and want it written from scratch, the price for this will be higher than when you request for rewriting, editing or proofreading services. When you already have a draft written that you want significant improvements made, then we can rewrite up to 70% of the paper from scratch. Editing includes rewriting the content to a maximum of 30% as well as formatting and proofreading. With proofreading service, no additional content is added while the paper is corrected for grammar, citation errors and ensuring it follows a consistent formatting style throughout.

With regard to academic levels, papers written at higher levels (Masters’ and PhD) are charged at a higher rate as compared to orders needed at the college or high school levels. The deadline you pick is again a key determinant in that the longer period of time you give us to work on a paper the lower the charges becomes. Finally, the type of paper you need can determine the price you pay. For simple essays and coursework assignments the prices are lower as compared to when you want a capstone project, thesis or dissertation written. As always contact our customer care representatives when you need further clarifications with the order pricing.

How do I order my Papers Online?

The moment you fill all your order details and create an account with us, you will use Pay Pal to make your purchases.

1. Click order now to <b>buy an essay online

2. Fill in your details including the order title, academic level, urgency, and personal details

3. Make payment via Pay Pal

4. Login to your account using the details you used to register (that is name and password)

5. Click on “view my orders” section. On the left hand side, you will see a section titled “my orders”. Click on the order you want and either select “manage orders” to send a message or upload files. You can also click on “view” to see if the details you provided are accurate.

6. While logged in to your account, select “manage orders” and send us other instructions that accompany the order such as files, sources, and other materials

7. Sit back and wait to download the complete essay order, written to perfection!

NB: If you already have an account, all you need to do is login, click on VIEW MY ORDERS, create a new order, and complete payment. Once payment is made, you can now manage your orders, upload files and send us a message.

Do you guys offer any discounts?

Sure we do! We offer discounts as follows:

1. 10% discount on an order worth $100

2. 15% for $500

3. 20% for $1000

4. 25% for orders worth $5000

NB: You can always contact the customer care desk to give you a special discount when you make many orders, refer a friend, or even when you are short of cash and could make do with a few bucks to spare- we are one generous and understanding lotJ

Can I get my money reimbursed?

We rarely issue refunds for orders made, once the final product is delivered on time and as per the instructions you gave us. However, we can issue a refund on a case by case basis, but mostly on the occurrence of any of the following:

1.  You make payment for the same order more than once

2. We submit your paper way after the deadline you gave us has expired. NB:. We will always try our best to meet any deadlines. However, a writer may experience personal problems after they have already confirmed they are handling an assignment. While we will always try to look for a different writer to complete the order, with very tight deadlines it might be impossible. As always we will communicate with you early enough and seek comprise that will not put you into jeopardy, including issuing a full refund if there is no way out.

3. The paper submitted does not follow your instructions and there is not enough time left to rectify the situations. It is unlikely that our writers will deliver poor quality papers. In the event that they completely fail to interpreter the instructions correctly and you no longer need the paper we can issue a refund.

4.  Any other occasion. We acknowledge that things can go wrong even with the best intentions. Talk to our customer care desk any time you feel that you never got exactly what you wanted and we will always reach a nice compromise where nobody feels betrayed.

Who will work on my order(s)?

If you are a repeat customer, you can select the writer you wish to handle your assignment. When you are placing an order for the first time, you will be prompted to select the WRITING LEVEL, and depending on your choice, we will select for you a writer who is best qualified to work on your order. We have 3 categories of writers:

1. Best available. This is a writer who is currently not working on any order

2. Native Writer. A writer competent enough to handle papers at all academic levels and who is basically a Native English Speaker.

3. Advanced writer. A Native English Speaker who is rated high in terms of academic qualifications and professionalism.

NB: Every writer hired by us must have a basic degree, pass some competence tests and prove to be competent enough before we assign them custom projects to work on. We have over 670 writers, all highly qualified meaning we can manage any paper you order in all disciplines.

What is the standard paper format I get?

Our standard paper page format is double spaced, A4 paper, one-inch margin with 275 words. These papers are done in APA, MLA, Harvard, and Chicago/Turabian. You can also state the paper format you want when placing order.

Can I request for a revision?

Yes. Click on the “revision” button placed on your account once logged in and provide us with details for the paper modifications you want and the new deadline. As always, provide us with enough time to revise the paper as much as your schedules allow.

NB: When you request for a revision, kindly ensure that the paper modifications you request do not deviate from the initial instructions stated previously. Where you want the writer to incorporate additional instructions then, on a case by case, we might request a small additional fee as a consideration for the extra work.

Any other questions

For any other questions or inquiries you might have concerning our custom writing service do no hesitate to call us, write an email or engage us on chat. Use the numbers placed on the homepage to get in touch with us anytime you need help.